This blog is for the discussion of the development of ScotEdublogs.org.uk.
It is hoped that this will help non-coders like myself to follow and add to the development of the site.
An introduction to the project is no on the scotedublogs on the Scots Edu Blogs Aggregation Project page. More will follow here. Feel free to add a comment here or edit the wiki.

Discussion of a more technical nature is going on at scotedublogs_devel google group where you can join in.
Interesting blog posts about the project so far are Scotedublogs – A New Hub for Scottish Educational Blogs on Robert’s blog and edublogs: Wherefor the wiki in ScotEduBlogs? on Ewans. Lots of comments and food for though on both.


2 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. AB Says:

    This may seem a bit of silly question, but how come Will Richardson is in the combined rss feed for Scotedublogs?

  2. scotedublogs Says:

    Hi Andrew,
    I think it is because we started with a list I grabbed from the wiki by fairly crude means, downloaded the wiki, pulled out all of the urls, checked if the pages linked pointed to a rss feed and put that in an opml file.
    Se my post: John @ Sandaig Primary » Scots Edu Blogs OPML there are a lot of comments which lead to the aggregation site.
    I guess once the site is fully functional it should be pruned. I think there are a few odd ones in there.

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